Your Toilet Might Be Making You Sick

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Gross – that’s what you’ll think about my Grandma.

I mean, I love my grandma, but I think she is gross too. You see, she’s got a disgusting habit.

She doesn’t flush when she uses the bathroom. She says she’s trying to save water, but you know how gross it is to find a giant brown tootsie role in the toilet every time you enter the bathroom?

I’ll tell you how gross: SUPER GROSS.

It is disgusting. The stink of it seeps into the rest of the house. The moment I visit her, I always stomp straight to the bathroom to flush the toilet, but still, the smell lingers.

Visiting her during cold winter monthes was the worst. We would be stuck inside with the windows closed because she refused to open them and waste money on heat.

It was like sitting in the worst-smelling sauna in the world.

Grandma herself thought it wasn’t that bad. “I’m saving $5.25 a month by not flushing!” she said, “That adds up!”

“I’ll pay you $6 a month to flush!” I begged.

“No way José!” my Grandma sassily replied, “I might be old, but I’m, independent, and I don’t need your charity!”

Now, like I said, I do love my grandma, so I’m not sharing my story just so other people can laugh at how weird and cheap my grandma is.

I’m sharing this story because there turned out to be a real, preventable, health issue at stake.

One day I noticed that Grandma seemed to be sick, she had red eyes and a cough when I visited her. I suggested she visit the doctor, but she refused of course.

She seemed to be feeling worse the next time I visited her too.

And then I fell on some hard times – my husband left me and I got “let go” from my job. I couldn’t afford to pay rent, so Grandma generously agreed to let me live with her.

But pretty soon after I moved in, I started to feel sick too! After feeling dizzy during a job interview, I decided enough was enough, it was time to visit my doctor to find out the root cause.

What my doctor, Dr.Miller, told me, changed how I think about bathrooms forever and grossed me out.

And what he told me, could change the way you look at bathrooms forever too.

Dr. James took my heartrate, then looked in my ears, then looked under my tongue.

Then he asked me the most unexpected question.

“How well does your toilet flush?”

“What?” I asked, confused, “My toilet?”

“Yes,” he replied, “I know this may seem like a weird question, but there has recently been more and more scientific research stating that toilets are related to allergies and other illness.

“You see, when you flush the toilet, what is called a ‘toilet plume’ goes up into the air – which is a mix between water and poo particles.

“That’s why there are laws about how close bathrooms can be to kitchens in restaurants and where bathrooms are located in restaurants. You may have noticed that sometimes you have to even walk through multiple doors to get to the restroom in a restaurant.”

“This is because they don’t want poo particles getting in food or in products.

“Some toilets have a larger ‘toilet plume’ than others, depending on flushing power, but the particles and bacteria can shoot up to 15 feet into the air.”

“It can make you sick, as feces particles can even land on your toothbrush. If the door to the bathroom isn’t shut either, it can easily blow around the house.”

I felt my stomach drop – could this be the gross reason I was getting sick all the time?

“But I always shut the lid to my toilet when I use the bathroom, and my grandma hardly even flushes the toilet at all,” I argued, “Could that still be the reason I’m getting sick all the time?”

Dr. James shrugged, “Shutting the toilet lid doesn’t help much. The lid isn’t suctioned on. That’s why shutting toilet lids don’t help with smell either. And if you can smell it, that generally means it is bad enough to make you get sick even if your grandma isn’t flushing.

“The only thing that really helps to prevent a ‘toilet plume’ is a toilet with a very high water level that doesn’t flush very strongly. But that’s not easy to change on existing toilets and most people find it unpleasant to have a toilet that doesn’t flush strongly.”

That’s exactly how my last toilet had been! No wonder I had only started getting sick since moving to my grandma’s house.

I groaned and put my head in my hands, “Are you saying are only choice is to do number 2 in the yard or move?”

Dr. James chuckled, “No not at all, there is another effective, affordable solution.

“I recommend you get Nature Fresh Charcoal Bags. They are made with activated charcoal that sucks odors from the air like a magnetic sponge.

“Not only do the suck up poo particles, they suck up mildew and other allergens as well.

“Best of all, they get rid of smells too, and unlike air fresheners, which only hide the problem, they suck up the stinky odors and trap them once and for all.

“And they’re doubly great because you only need to buy them one time. They can be re-charged every month simply by putting them in the sun for a few hours.

“I’ve had mine for years.

“I recommend them to all of my patients that have allergies and they’ve helped everyone I have recommended them to. I have them myself in every room of my house and one in my car.”

It even keeps the kitchen sink completely SMELL-FREE!

When I got home, I decided to double-check to make sure Nature Fresh was as great as he said it was by looking up the reviews.

And boy the reviews didn’t disappoint. Here are a couple of the over a thousand reviews that stood out to me:

I’ll never be without this

“I don't know what it is about my husband, but he manages to leave the bathroom smelling like a toxic waste dump every. single. time. The smell lingers for at least an hour too, so the bathroom developed this permanent gross undercurrent of stink. I thought I'd have to deal with it forever, then I got Nature Fresh Charcoal bags. They suck of stink and smells like I've never seen! They even prevent my towels from getting mildewy. 5 stars!

Does the job for me, literally

“My cat's kitty litter stinks to the high heavens! But air fresheners give me headaches. Luckily, my neighbor told me about Nature Fresh. All odor is completely gone, and best of all, I've had them for over a year and they work as well as the day I got them! I've saved so much money!

One of my better finds

“These Nature Fresh charcoal bags work like magic! No more gross smells, no more mildew, maybe it's just in my mind, but I just feel healthier and happier with them in my house.

Seeing they had a money-back guarantee, I figured I’d have nothing to lose if I bought them.

But when I went to their checkout pages, I found out they were out of stock! I had to wait, going back to the website every day for 5 days until they were in stock again. As soon as they were back in stock, I bought 6.

A few days later, when they arrived, I put them around my grandma’s house – including 2 in the bathroom.

When I woke up in the morning, I was amazed!

The entire house smelled a lot better, much fresher. But the real test was whether or not my grandma felt better and my own allergies and sickness cleared up.

And it did!

Within a week my sore throat and stuffed-up nose was gone - I felt better than I had in months.

And best of all, grandma’s sickness cleared right up too!

She still doesn’t flush the toilet, but I hardly care anymore because now, even when grandma doesn’t flush, there’s no lingering disgusting smell.

That’s why I’m sharing my story – even though it’s kinda gross.

We’ve all got toilets that cause toilet plumes that can make us sick – especially children and seniors – and maybe even pets.

To be safe, I’d recommend Nature Fresh Charcoal bags to everyone. They saved my health and they can save yours too. Not to mention as an added bonus they get rid of any other gross smells too!

NatureFresh is a completely one-time-fee for the device itself. You will never be charged again!

The bags are actually re-chargeable in the sun!

Which is why I find it’s such an excellent gift for family and friends too!

But that of course begs the question

How Much is It?

Bamboo Charcoal Bags is made to fit any budget, and starts at only $49.99!

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$39.99 is a small price to pay to avoid all that.

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I am so thankful I pulled the trigger and bought my own NatureFresh bamboo charcoal bags. It’s saved me from dealing with a constant stench while I enjoy my pets.

I probably would have admitted defeat—and never had a fresh house with my pets again.

It’s so easy and inexpensive, there’s no reason not to do it right now!

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